A quantitative analyzer utilizing nephelometric method for the measurement of wide variety of specific parameters in human body fluid.
  • Easy to use – Auto-calibration by IC card
  • Quick result – Every test is finished in 2 to 5 minutes
  • Convenient – User-friendly sampling and test procedures in 4 easy steps
  • Efficient– 4 independent channels for simultaneous measurement
  • Reliable – High consistency


Light source

670nm laser, output < 5mW

CV bias


Input AC power 30VA
Supply voltage 220±22V, 50±1Hz
DC 12±1V
Dimensions 268 mm x 168 mm x 63 mm
Weight 1.1 Kg


  • Advanced laser diode light source with <1 FTU of stray light. Increased stability, accuracy and specificity.
  • Calibration curve and reagent specific setting are automatically retrieved from the IC card supplied with each lot of reagent.
  • 180º turbidimetric and 135º nephelometric channels.
  • The temperature of cuvette is stabilized automatically at 37℃.
  • Compatible with external impact printer.
  • Compatible with electric pipet.
  • Currently available for ApoA1, CRP, Cys-C, D dimer, HbA1c and Lp(a) by nephelometry and turbidimetry.

Test throughput 100 strips/hour
Wavelength 650nm
Computer interface RS-232 port                                             Parallel printer interface
LCD display 16x2 characters with LED backlight
Power supply 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power 30VA
Supply voltage 220±22V, 50±1Hz
DC 12±1V
Dimensions 200 mm x 130 mm x 65 mm
Weight 0.8 Kg


Bioway 8240 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer

The analyzer is suitable for small to medium size laboratories for routine or emergency analysis.

  • Fully automatic tabletop Chemistry analyzer capable of 240 tests/hour.
  • Probe polished with 60nm nano-processing technology to reduce cross-contamination. Probe equipped with liquid level detection, clot detection and collision protection.
  • Hotographic concave flat field grating and rear spectrophotometry to reduce ambient light interference.
  • 67 reagent/sample positions.
  • Linear and non-linear calibration, with 9 types of calibration curve fitting equations.
  • User-friendly software interface with real-time monitoring and calculating functions.
  • LIS/HIS interface, supports remote maintenance.
Bioway 8300 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer
  • Rear spectrophotometry of holographic concave flat field grating, cluster – optical path, realizing supermicro volume detection of reaction solution.
  • 60 nm polished probe, liquid level detection and collision protection
  • Automatic digital liquid level detection, stable performance, reducing probe surface contamination
  • New design reagent disk, less reagent consumption and more test items
  • Multiple function sample disk, original blood tube and multi-specification tubes compatible
  • LIS interface, supporting remote maintenance
  • User defined combines batch input of patient information, applicable to fast setting for special hospital, blood station and physical examination
  • ISE model - optional


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