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R056C00 Bioway ctl-A1MG   2 levels / 2*1ml/vial / Liquid
R003C00 Bioway ctl-AFU PACKAGE INSERT 1 ml/vial / Liquid
R010C00 Bioway ctl-APOE   1 level / 1ml/vial / Dry powder
R016C00 Bioway ctl-CG PACKAGE INSERT 0.5 ml/set / Liquid
R025C00 Bioway ctl-CYS-C PACKAGE INSERT 2*1 ml/set / Liquid
R027C00 Bioway ctl-DD PACKAGE INSERT 2*0.5 ml/vial / Dry powder
R028C00 Bioway ctl-FDP PACKAGE INSERT 2*0.5 ml/vial / Dry powder
R032C00 Bioway ctl-HbA1c PACKAGE INSERT 2*0.5 ml/set / Dry powder
R045C00 Bioway ctl-MALB PACKAGE INSERT 1 ml/vial / Liquid
R046C00 Bioway ctl-MYO 2 levels / 2*0.5 ml/set / Liquid
R011C00 Bioway ctl-SPC 2 level / 2*1ml/vial / Liquid


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